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"CBS has created multiple websites for my business. Working with CBS has been a real pleasure. I was looking for some very specific features for my website and CBS was able to deliver on time and within my budget. The first website they created for us went so well and helped grow our business so much that we had them make another site for us. Without CBS as our partner we would not be where we are today. If anyone has any questions about CBS I am more then happy to share my experiences with them. " 


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Business Cards Design Software / Amazing Cards Designer Tool


Business card serves the purpose of representing your identity and giving the recipient the way to contact you. In the era of digital world and social media business cards hold a special place to represent your identity.


To present your identity or individuality in a unique and appealing way you can create your Business Card via our Business Cards Design Software. A single look over the business card is enough to give a right impression over the viewer.


A creative and custom designed business card gets required attention and showcase personality. It gives an appealing introduction to the viewer.


Various templates for the business card format are added into the software making it easier for everyone to create business card and you can also create custom build business card by creating what exactly you require. The software is available for individual or personal and professional usage. The various animation options available for business card creation add another feather to the business cards design software.


You can choose the desired color, font and theme for the business card and before finalizing the design   you can check the preview of the business card design created.


Our business cards design software is so easy to operate that even an untrained user can also create business card with little effort. The quality of the business card created is so good to give an eye catchy with finest quality business card. We are ready to give you a demo of the working of the software before giving you the software. 


Activate your demo account now and enjoy it!


Your questions about Business Cards Design Software can be answered here : Contact us , Testimonials , FAQ , Tutorials


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Other possible versions :


Designer Tool Embed Version 

Designer Tool Desktop Version 

Desktop Administration Version 

iPad & Tablet Version